Top 10 Productivity Benefits of Vending Machines in the Office

Considering adding a vending machine to your office? You should be! Read on for ten reasons why a vending machine will add a major boost to your productivity.

Trips Offsite Can Be Lengthy and Tiring

Heading offsite to the local café or coffee shop doesn’t just reduce productivity; it kills it stone dead during the time that your team is gone. Vending machines eliminate this.

Mid-morning Snacks Keep Teams Going

Breakfast may give us the fuel to get through the day, but having a mid-morning pick-me-up can help us to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch. This gives us the energy to be at our best.

Happy = Productive

When do you feel most productive? When you are down in the dumps or when you feel happy and looked after? Of course it is the latter, and this is how your team will feel when you have a well-stocked vending machine in the office.

Avoid Empty Stimulants

For many of us, when we feel tired or under the weather, we turn to energy drinks for a boost. Unfortunately, these drinks are packed with ‘empty’ stimulants which have little no positive effect – like taurine and guarana. Pack your vending machine with preferred alternatives…

Give Your Team the Boost They Need

… like coffee. The only active ingredients you will find in an energy drink are caffeine and sugar. Coffee can provide both of these elements, in a far healthier manner than an energy drink can.

Positive Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine, in moderation, provides energy, focus and drive in the workplace. Use a vending machine to harness these benefits in your office.

Caffeine Education

Of course, too much caffeine can be disastrous for our bodies and for our stress levels. By distributing coffee from a vending machine in your office, you can help to educate your team on how much coffee is good, and how much represents a step too far.

Communication and Collaboration

A vending machine is like a water-cooler; it acts as a place for team members to socialise and to break from their standard routine. This might not sound like a productivity booster, but the atmosphere of collaboration, communication and co-operation that this fosters is invaluable to an effective office.

The Office Focal Point

Bringing snacks and meals into your office rather than having them offsite, brings the focal point back to helping your team to maintain their focus on productivity.

Vending Machines Are Healthier Than You Think

Vending machines get a bad rep, but this is unfair. By choosing the right sort of vending machine, you can achieve convenience and healthy eating at the same time. Health and wellbeing are two important features of a productive team. To find out more, give the Robinson’s Vending team a call on 0434 282 598 today.

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