Vending Machine Commission

Earn Commission

Our commissions are competitive because of our buying power, large product range, the fact that machines are always stocked and because of the machine reliability. Many of our sites use their quarterly commission to fund employee barbecues and social events, which is beneficial for workplace morale. Earning you the maximum commission possible is our way of saying thank you for supporting our business.

Generating the maximum commission is achieved by maximising sales. This relies heavily on remote tracking technology, rotating and introducing new products, multiple payment options ie credit card, machine reliability, timely restocking and fast service response times. The remote tracking technology allows us to closely monitor your site’s needs and buying trends. You can relax in knowing that we work extremely hard to maximise sales which in turn means you will receive the maximum commission possible.

We have had many businesses ask if we can match commissions. The answer is – yes! We can usually not only match competitive commissions and their prices, but offer a much more comprehensive product range and generate far more sales and therefore commission. There are lots large vending companies that offer a one dimensional product range which rarely see the addition of new lines. The sales (and commission) are definitely not maximised as a good product range should be expanding, innovative, packed with healthier options and should comprise products from multiple suppliers.


Commission Payments

Generally we pay commissions quarterly and provide a supporting tax invoice. We can alter commission rates and structures to suit your needs. For example some items can attract commission while others are commission free.

How do you know you are receiving the correct commission? We can show you the non-resettable data on the machine and our online tracking system. We can also supply a username and login details for you to monitor performance of your site online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We sell a huge variety of products in our vending machines – much more than most of our competitors. Our range includes Coca Cola to Pepsi, Gatorade, Spring Water, Up ‘n Go, Dare Iced Coffee, Breaka Milk, IceBreak Iced Coffee, Maltesers, Cherry Ripe, Cadbury Twirl, V, Red Bull, Kettle Chips, Tuna To Go, Orange Juice, Tropical Juice – the list is endless. Have a look at our product page for a full product list. What’s more, we are constantly introducing new products to the range and trying out promotional products.

Robinson’s Vending owns the vending machine/s we place in your workplace. You do not hire the machines from us, because we are responsible for all servicing, cleaning and filling of the vending machine/s. We are fully insured for product and public liability.

Enjoy it! Honestly, you do not need to do anything. We will work around your operating hours and will fill the workplace vending machine usually weekly during a time frame that suits you.

This is a big question! We are ever-grateful for your business and our commissions are generous. It can add up to quite a large sum. It is usually paid quarterly into your nominated bank account. Commissions vary enormously from one site to the next and they depend largely on the site turnover and the prices of the individual products in the machines. However, we find that our machines generally turnover more product than our competitor’s machines – meaning more commission for you – this is because we know how to maximise sales and profits to earn you the largest commission possible!

No! That’s the beauty of Robinson’s Vending. You will have the same person filling your machine each week – with a rare exception.

If Robinson’s Vending is a small business, doesn’t that mean the prices of the product won’t be as competitive?
Not at all. Our prices are often lower than those in our competitor’s machines. We want to keep our customers happy and keeping our products priced well is one way we do this. Although we are considered a small business, we buy in large quantities, therefore securing an excellent price. We are large enough to provide excellent turnover of products while small enough to maintain great customer service.

Usually we refill snack vending machines and drink vending machines weekly. However depending on how busy your site is, it could be slightly more or less often. All our machines are connected using a remote monitoring system, so we always know when they need refilling.

Easy. Please contact us by phoning, texting or emailing (all our vending machines have our phone number and email clearly displayed). We will come out to the site as quickly as possible – usually the same day, and we will fix the problem.

Please start by contacting us – call, email or even text and we’ll call you back! We will have a quick chat to discuss the needs of your employees/customers, followed by a visit from our rep to view the site. Soon after we will deliver the machine, set it up and you’ll have a fully-operating vending machine(s) in your work place!

For the majority of the time, no, we do not lock you into a contract. We are so confident in our service we are certain you will be kept happy, therefore you are welcome to discontinue the service at any time. For some particular sites where multiple machines are required, we may ask that you sign a 24-month contract after a 3-month trial period.

Robinson’s Vending is an independently-owned vending business. This means we can supply products from all different brands (such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Smiths chips, Kettle chips, Schweppes, Cadbury, Nestle etc). Other large vending operators that offer vending solutions are limited to their own brands.
As we are a small vending machine business you have the same person filling your vending machine each time (particularly important for high-security areas or for areas where an induction or visitors pass needs to be obtained before entering the site).

We offer generous commissions on sales.

Our Service! The real reason for choosing Robinson’s Vending has to be experienced to be understood – We know a vending machine is supposed to provide a convenient source of snacks for your employees and customers and a handy income for your work social fund – it’s not something you want to be worrying about or having to keep an eye on. We understand this, so we work hard to provide a service that is reliable, simple and that you don’t need to think about – except for when you want a drink! We appreciate your business and work hard to keep you happy!
We are a 100% Australian business!

We offer free vending machines to workplaces throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast! Our sister company offers vending machines in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Darwin.