Brisbane Snack Vending Machines

Brisbane's Best Snack Vending Machines

Welcome to Robinson’s Vending, your top choice for the largest range of products in a fully serviced vending machine, available to your business anywhere in Australia. Proudly Australian owned and operated, we provide unparalleled services and 24/7 support while placing an emphasis on offering high-quality healthy options.


Our fully-serviced vending machines and quality service and support make it easy for you to begin earning a great commission headache-free. We have developed a renowned presence in South East Queensland, and in other areas across Australia to assist businesses in Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, along with many other regional areas.

Our commissions are competitive because of our buying power, large product range, perpetually stocked machines and machine reliability. Many of our sites use their quarterly commission to fund employee barbecues and social events, which helps boost workplace morale. Earning you the maximum commission possible is our way of saying thank you for supporting our business.

The key to maximising commission is to maximise sales. This relies heavily on using remote tracking technology, rotating and introducing new products, offering multiple payment options, machine reliability, timely restocking and fast service response times.

We can also match commissions and provide competitive prices while offering a more comprehensive product range and generating more sales, which equals more commission.

Commission Payments

Commissions are typically paid quarterly and are accompanied by a tax invoice. Rates and structures can be altered to suit your needs. You’ll know you are receiving the correct commission when viewing the non-resettable data on the machine and our online tracking system. You can also log in online to monitor the performance of your site.

Why Choose Us?

We take great pride in the services and perks we offer.

  • Hi-tech remote monitoring – we know when machines need restocking!
  • Gluten-free options available
  • Family-owned, 100% Australian business. We LOVE our customers and work hard to keep you happy!
  • Our friendly staff focus on listening to your staff and their needs
  • Public & Product Liability Insurance
  • Work Cover Insurance

Our Products

We carry a large range of products, from drinks and snacks to healthy meals.


We offer an array of drink options sure to satisfy any taste. They include:

  • Coke Products
  • Pepsi Products
  • Flavoured Mineral Water
  • Kirk’s Ginger Ale
  • Kirk’s Creaming Soda
  • Schweppes Lemonade
  • Real Iced Tea
  • Gatorade
  • Boss Iced Coffee
  • Redbull


Our food products cover a wide range of options to include:

  • Blue Dinosaur Bars
  • Clif Energy Bars
  • JC Delicious Healthy Mix Cashews, Sultanas, Almonds, Pepitas & Sunflower Seeds
  • Gourmet Grocer Tuna With Crackers
  • Mrs Mac’s Sausage Rolls
  • Ready Go Eat Burger Varieties
  • Ready Go Eat Chicken Sub Varieties
  • Suimin Noodle Cups
  • Pods Snickers
  • Chips/Coconut Bites & Chips /Vege Chips/Popcorn/Swt Potato Chips

Our Machines

Robinson’s Vending has spent years experimenting with different vending machines, and settled on a collection we believe are the most reliable and easy to use whilst looking great with their glass fronts and LCD screens. All are equipped with rubber feet to avoid damaging the floor and product vend sensors to ensure products are vended correctly.

We have been providing vending machines in Brisbane for over five years and believe ours are the market best by far. All our machines are market leaders in capacity and reliability. Features include:

  • glass-front combination
  • glass-front beverage
  • vertical beverage
  • glass-front snack
  • glass-front frozen
  • coffee machine

Machines we offer include:

  • 45 Selection Beverage Vending Machine
  • Combination Vending Machine
  • High-Capacity Beverage Vending Machine
  • Frozen Vending Machine

Our details are clearly visible on all machines, along with a unique ID number and warning sticker. Contact us today to order one of our drink or snack vending machines on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane.