How to Pick the Right Workplace Vending Machine

Vending machines that just offer one brand of cola or a narrow selection of chips or candy bars may have satisfied companies and workers in the last century, but you can do better now.

You and your workers should demand a broad range of products, fresh and healthy options, the latest in technology, and a smaller energy footprint. Luckily, a family-owned company can help workplaces across Australia discover how great a vending machine can truly be.

Select a Machine That Offers a Wide Range of Products

First, your employees want and deserve a wide range of selections for drinks, snacks, or even meals. Candy, chips and cola just don’t cut it anymore.

Can you remember an old-school vending machine carrying meals that were both delicious and fresh? Your workplace vending machine should offer fresh and never frozen options from great companies like Youfoodz. Youfoodz brings to the table offerings such as Portuguese BBQ chicken, Mac n Double Cheese with Steak Diane, and much more. It’s like having a chic cafe right in your employee break room.

While everyone loves chocolate bars oozing with caramel, the sugar-packed snacks don’t provide lasting energy. Protein and paleo bars, however, do pack a punch that lasts for hours. Your machine should offer great energy bar brands like Clif and Blue Dinosaur Paleo.

Finally, why guzzle a sugary cola when you can drink deliciousness without sugar, preservatives, or other unhealthy stuff? Your machine could carry drink brands such as Emma and Tom’s. They are all-natural and come from Australia, not a company halfway around the world.

Your Machine Should Offer the Latest Technology

Your grandpa’s vending machine only took change. Of course, your grandpa’s vending machine only offered a few measly foods and drink options, too. Today’s consumer wants more choice, whether it is about healthy food and drink or how to pay for it.

A workplace vending machine should employ the latest technology, including payment options that accept paper money as well as credit and debit cards. It should also come with energy-efficient LED lighting, high-capacity shelves, and other options that elevate it above the pack. These include a higher rate of energy efficiency, reducing your costs and the machine’s impact on the environment.

Free Is the Way to Be

If your workplace vending machine does not come with free installation, free stocking, and free service across Australia. Wherever your workplace lies, free is the way to be!

You deserve a machine with no hassles that comes with excellent guaranteed 24/7 support.

Get Your Machine From a Family-Owned Company

You want a quality machine with great products and a comprehensive guarantee of service from a company that you can trust. Workplaces also need a company that understands the needs of businesses right down to the food eaten by employees on break and lunch. In this case, your company vending machine should come from a family-owned, Australia-based company. You can trust that such a company will strive to meet and exceed expectations.

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