Top 7 Reasons to Get a Vending Machine Today

With concerns about obesity on the rise, many schools and places of business have reconsidered whether or not to have vending machines on campus or nearby. While vending machines can be stocked with unhealthy junk food, they don’t have to be. In fact, offering healthy choices can support company and school initiatives while boosting profits. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider installing a vending machine today.

Reasonable Costs

Vending machine food is generally inexpensive, making it accessible to everyone. If you want a quick snack, it’s often cheaper to buy something out of the vending machine instead of going to the closest store, when you factor in driving for just that reason. It often takes less time as well.

Replace Forgotten Snacks or Lunches

The healthiest snacks and lunches are often those brought from home, but when lunch or snack gets forgotten at home, having healthy choices nearby can help support good choices.

Can Encourage Healthy Snacking

We generally choose to snack on what is easiest to get. If 100% fruit juices and non-sugary beverages are available right next to an office or inside the lunchroom, these can be more convenient than leaving to go to a nearby store. Overtime, convenience can help kids and adults replace unhealthy habits with more healthy ones.

Useful for Late Nights

Whether kids are staying late for practice or adults are staying late to work on a project, having the ability to go and grab a snack helps everyone hold on, instead of ordering an expensive and unhealthy takeaway.

Revenue Generating

Businesses and schools that maintain vending machines often see significant profits from their use, even after they pay the vending machine company. Schools in particular have financed new athletic equipment, new fields, and school repairs from the funds acquired through their vending machine income.

Ultimately, it makes sense to have a vending machine at your business or school. People are going to snack, one way or another. By offering healthy choices, companies have the ability to influence what foods people choose to snack on, and also gain some revenue from the food, rather than having it all go to the pockets of local stores.

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