Seven Advantages of Vending Machines in Schools

You want to encourage healthy lifestyle habits with your child, and this includes their food and beverage choices, including those that you can get with Brisbane vending machines from Robinson’s Vending. The goal of Robinson’s Vending directly aligns with the Promoting Health in Schools initiative, and we’ve outlined the top seven advantages of vending machines in schools.

  1. Fuels Your Students’ Focus– Healthy food is fuel that helps your students focus throughout the day. It’s especially important in the mid-afternoon when it’s typical to experience a slump. Snacking between meals can help to improve your child’s focus, and this can help them engage in their classes more.
  2. Improves Employee Morale –Along with helping your students, having a healthy vending machine in schools can also benefit your employees. They’ll be able to grab a quick healthy snack between classes or when they’re marking papers. It’s an easy way to show your employees that you care.
  3. Teaches Healthy Eating and Snacking Habits – Keeping your on-campus Brisbane vending machines stocked with healthy snacks can teach your kids healthy snacking habits. They’ll be able to choose from Clif & Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars, Emma & Tom’s products, Crispy Fruit dried fruit snacks and much more. This will make them excited to try these tasty and nutritious snacks, and they won’t get a sugar rush.
  4. Fills in Nutritional Gaps –Even though you want your children to eat right, they may not get all of the nutrition they need every day, and they can develop gaps or deficiencies. Robinson’s Vending has a line of healthy and nutritious snacks that help to fill in these gaps, and they’re packed with protein, vitamins, and nutrients.
  5. Keep up with Government Recommendations– In Australia, the government is fighting childhood obesity by recommending changes in schools where snacking and meals are concerned. The Healthy Eating Advisory outlines how important it is for schools to give children healthy options to snack on, and vending machines from Robinson’s Vending allow you to do this.
  6. Easy Access to Nutritious Choices-For some students, having access to healthy food or snack options can be a luxury they don’t necessarily get anywhere but school. Healthy vending choices open up a whole new realm of possibilities for these students. It also helps to ensure that they don’t have any significant nutritional gaps to worry about as they grow.
  7. Additional Revenue Source – Budget cuts happen, and some programs may suffer because of it. However, having a Brisbane vending machine in the school can add an additional source of revenue. The schools can take this money and put it back toward the students’ educations by investing in new books, course materials or in the courses themselves.

Get Your School a Healthy Vending Machine with Robinson’s Vending

Robinson’s Vending is an industry leader when it comes to healthy vending options with their Brisbane vending machines and others all around Australia. You can choose from a full line of healthy vending machines, including carbonated drinks, juice and health drinks, Kombucha, dairy and protein drinks, energy drinks and food and snack vending machines.

When you combine these vending machines with the healthy food, snack, and beverage lines Robinson’s Vending offers, you have a powerful combination that gives children across Australia access to healthy, nutritious, and filling snack options. Whether you want Crispy Fruit Dried Fruit Snacks, Emma & Tom’s products, Clif and Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars and much more, you can get it all in one convenient place.

Contact us at Robinson’s Vending today, and get your students on track to a healthier lifestyle with our Brisbane vending machines.

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