How a Not-for-Profit Business can Benefit From Charity Vending Machines

A vending machine can be a great addition to a not for profit business and can bring in a lot of extra money to the establishment. A not for profit organisation does a great deal of good for the community, so they deserve a source of extra funding to help them out. With extra funding comes more opportunities to host events and work towards accomplishing charity goals. If you run a not for profit organisation, why not consider installing a vending machine in your workplace?

Easy to Operate

A vending machine is very useful because it works 24-hours per day and it doesn’t require any staff. Also, since it takes cash, there is no need to worry about bad checks or chasing up invoices that have not been paid. You will get a good return on your investment, so that you can enjoy a steady source of extra cash flow. Our vending machines are installed, serviced, and stocked for free, with the option to supply you with iced coffee and fresh milk. Also, we have healthy gluten-free snacks available.

A Practical Idea

Another advantage is that there are very little overhead costs associated with vending machines. There is no need for advertising costs or staff and there is probably already a space within your not for profit office where you could place the machine. You will be able to sell snacks and drinks not only to your employees, but also to anyone else who visits the premises. This also means that your employees will be more inclined to stay on site when they want a snack, which means they will be more productive.


Maximise Your Sales

If you want to make the most of your vending machine and earn as much commission as possible, our remote tracking technology helps to maximise your profits. It can closely monitor buying trends at your site so that we can customise the machine with the type of products your visitors are buying. Also, the monitoring system will let you know when the machine needs restocking.

It is important to place the machine in an eye-catching location where it will be seen by staff and visitors to your location. It should be kept well stocked with attractive products and be in good working order. The machine also needs to be clean and well-lit so that it will be appealing to customers. Each of our machines is on a strict cleaning and maintenance schedule.

To find out more about the many benefits a vending machine can offer your not for profit organisation, please contact Robinson Vending today.

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