Introducing the Lo Bros Kombucha to Our Product Offerings

Our most recent product is one we’ve had many requests for – the delicious and healthy Lo Bros Kombucha range. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about kombucha (pronounced ‘kom-boo-chah’). It’s the darling of the health food conscious, the new ‘miracle cure’ for many gut problems and if it’s made well like the Lo Bros range, it tastes amazing. Do you really know what it’s all about though?

What is Kombucha exactly?

Kombucha is actually a tea-based sparkling probiotic drink. It’s so wonderfully bubbly due to the fermentation process, which gives it that sweet-yet-sour fizz that makes it unique. In the case of Lo Bros kombucha, it’s a living drink that’s full of beneficial probiotic cultures, similar to the way yoghurt is living.

The bacteria and yeast used to spring the culture in kombucha to life is called a SCOBY (or ‘the mother’ for those familiar with brewing). It doesn’t look very appealing, but SCOBY – which looks like a rubbery disc of goo – stands for a Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast and without it, kombucha wouldn’t have the detoxifying, immune-strengthening qualities it does.

How do probiotics help?

In each carefully created bottle of Lo Bros kombucha, there are millions (around 100 million actually!) of powerful little probiotic microorganisms. When you ingest them, these probiotics actually move into your digestive tract and live there, multiplying and helping balance the good bacteria that makes up your microbiome. As mentioned, this boosts your immune system, helps clean and speed up your digestive tract, replaces lost bacteria after antibiotics, improves oral health and improves your general health overall. There are many more purported health benefits of drinking kombucha or ingesting probiotics in other ways, but we’ll stick to those that have been scientifically proven. As a bonus, kombucha also contains prebiotics, which is the stuff probiotics feed on. This means your good bacteria gets an instant boost of power as soon as you drink them!

Why is Lo Bros a good choice?

Lo Bros kombuchas are made using an ancient recipe, they only use organic ingredients – such as the highest quality oolong and green tea and filtered spring water – and are fermented slowly and steadily in small batches. The SCOBY is added to these ingredients with a small amount of organic sugar, which feeds the bacteria during the 21-30 day fermentation process.

To complement their amazingly pure base ingredients, Lo Bros also source the finest organic spices, fruits and roots (such as ginger… yum!) to ensure their product remains one of the best. That’s it – they then bottle it up, chill it and send it to the stores! With flavours like blueberry, raspberry & lemon, peach & ginger, passionfruit, cola and many more, you’ll have no problem finding a taste that suits you. While some kombucha can taste much too sour, vinegar-like or can be loaded with sugar to try and counteract these flavours, Lo Bros are so careful to balance their low-sugar kombucha ingredients so they not only stay healthy, but taste amazing too. That’s the best part – they taste so good and with every sip, you’ll feel the health benefits!

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