Healthy Snacking with Our Healthy Vending Machine Snacks

When you get hungry during the day, wouldn’t you rather grab a healthy snack than the traditional vending machine food? To eat better, you want to be able to fit the five healthy food groups in each day, and we can help.

Emma & Tom’s Products

We have a wide range of Emma & Tom’s healthy line of snack products available in our vending machines. These all-natural snacks and drinks have a blend of minimally-processed and vegan ingredients that will keep you full and focused throughout the day. We stock a variety of Emma & Tom’s Life Bars including Cacao & Coconut, Cacao & Coffee Bean, and Cacao & Orange flavours. We also have Emma & Tom’s Apple & Cinnamon protein bar as well as the Salted Caramel protein bar.

Blue Dinosaur

If you’re looking for a boost of energy packed into a great snack, you have to try our stock of Blue Dinosaur bars. These paleo bars are full of all of the essential nutrients and vitamins you need to survive that afternoon slump and be productive until the end of your workday. Our offering of Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars includes Lamington and Mac Lemon. We also have Blue Dinosaur Super Bites in Himalayan Chocolate and Acai Berry. They’re the perfect grab-and-go snack option that you can eat on your break.

Crispy Fruits Dried Fruit

We understand it’s hard to beat a tasty and healthy fruit option for your morning or afternoon snack. Dried fruit is a simple snack idea that allows you to have that fruit taste you love without the messy fruit juices or the sticky mess that comes with traditional fruit for a snack. At Robinson’s Vending, we supply several of Crispy Fruits dried fruit products including apple, mango, pear, and strawberry. You can grab them on your way to your next meeting, or you can savour them at your desk for a mess-free snacking option.

We also offer other healthy and nutritious snack options, and we invite you to contact us to inquire about all of the snack lines we stock. If you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to see if one of our vending machines would be a good fit for your workplace, contact us.

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