Healthy Eating at the Push of a Button: Our Great-Tasting, Healthy Vending Options

Healthy eating and convenience do not usually go hand in hand in the work place. When we think of healthy eating, we tend to think of dietary consultants, weight loss plans, or complicated nutritional supplements. This does not exactly conjure up images of straightforward grub.

Perhaps we are just over thinking it. Perhaps healthy eating in the work place is easier to achieve than we first thought. Check out these great-tasting options from Robinson’s Vending, and discover how easy it can be to provide healthier options at work.

Vending, Re-Defined

Vending machines are certainly convenient, but not usually healthy. Robinson’s vending machines are a little different. With Robinson’s, you have the option of stocking a range of healthy treats in your vending machine, including favourites like Emma & Tom’s Life Bars.

Natural Goodness

Getting natural ingredients and flavours from a vending machine is not so difficult either. Coconut water, natural fruits and fruit drinks, and a whole range of other items are available for purchase. The idea is to provide a wholly different form of vending, one which focuses not only on convenience, but also on health. Think fast foods that are also genuinely nutritious foods.

Fresh Ingredients

Convenient dining in the workplace does not mean that you have to rely solely on a vending machine. These machines are great for healthy snacks and quick pick-me-ups, providing a quick and easy means for your colleagues to access both, but you have other options as well.

Direct catering services, like those provided by You Foods, can bring expertly prepared meals directly into the workplace. These meals are produced using only the freshest ingredients, offering health advantages which cannot be achieved with frozen and re-heated food.

Extensive Vegetarian Options

Whether you are a committed vegan or simply on the lookout for a lower-calorie alternative to your standard fare, your choice of workplace nourishment should not be limited. You Foods provides an extensive array of vegetarian cuisine aimed at offering variation and tantalisation for taste buds, without any negative impact on health.

It is time to rethink catering in the workplace and to move towards a simpler model. Healthiness and convenience do not need to be opposites; they can both be achieved at the same time, with a minimum of fuss. To find out more and to discover how this can be accomplished in your work place, get in touch with the Robinson’s Vending team today.

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