5 Best Places to Install Vending Machines

Investing in vending machines is not for those looking to make a fortune overnight, or even over the next month. Vending machines are, however, a relatively safe investment. They are ideal for providing a stable and steady flow of income. As with any business venture, maximising revenues generated through vending sales requires research. Placement is, perhaps, one of the most important considerations when it comes to your vending machine. Below, we will outline 5 great placement ideas:

1. Waiting Rooms

We’ve all been in waiting rooms as they are located in multiple types of businesses. Take a look around the community where you would like to place your machines. There are waiting rooms in auto repair shops, doctor’s offices, beauty salons and even government offices. Talk to the owners of the various businesses and see if they are open to allowing the placement of your vending machines.

2. Workplaces

Check the office parks and manufacturing plants in your community. There are often common areas at these workplaces where employees go to have their breaks and even their lunches. Negotiate the placement of your vending machines with either the managers or building owners. Whether you choose to vend soft drinks, candy or other food items, you should be able to take full advantage of busy workers looking for a quick pick-me-up.

3. Store Fronts

Check the strip malls, grocery stores and department stores in your community. Discuss placement options with the general managers of the various businesses. You’ll probably have the best luck placing vending machines in front of stores that are not already selling food and drinks. Grocery store customers, however, will often like to secure a snack or a drink before shopping in order to avoid shopping while hungry.

4. Public Parks

Parks and recreation areas are wonderful places to generate money from vending machine sales. Cold sport drinks in particular will be attractive to individuals who frequent these areas in order to remain physically active. You might have to gain special permits from whatever city owns the park but in the end, any extra effort required to secure placement at a public park should be well worth it.

5. Hotels/Motels

This is another great place where people will often be on the lookout for a vending machine. Weary travelers, stopping to rest and reluctant to venture off into an unknown area, would be thrilled at the sight of a well-stocked vending machine.

These are just a few general ideas of where to place a vending machine should you decide on making the investment. If you would like more information on how to get started with vending machines, contact Robinson’s Vending to check out the wide range of vending machines we have available and to learn more about how you can start earning from vending machine hire.

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