Vending Machines

In our opinion the 45 Selection Beverage Machine with its glass-front, super high-selection drink vending machine is the most reliable ever produced – imagine a machine running for years at a time without any interruption or faults! This model has the ability to offer 45 different beverages and vends all types of cans and bottles with ease. It does all of this while consuming less than 3.87kWh of power per day, which also makes it one of the greenest models on the market! To order one of our drink or snack vending machines on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane – or to enquire about our Australia-wide services – contact us today!

Combination vending machine with high capacity lower tray

Snack Capacity: 100
Chocolate/Bar Capacity: 140+
Beverage Capacity: 216
LED Lights As Standard
99cm Wide
89cm Deep
183cm High
Fits Through 70.5cm Doorway

45 Selection beverage vending machine

Beverage Capacity: 360+
45 Selections
Uses Less Than 3.87kWh Of Electrcity Per Day
LED Lights As Standard
119cm Wide
85cm Deep
183cm High
Fits Through 81.5cm Doorway

Snack vending machine with popper lower tray

Snack Capacity: 500+
Beverage Capacity: 64
LED Lights As Standard
7 Trays
Largest Capacity In Australia
99cm Wide
89cm Deep
183cm High
Fits Through 70.5cm Doorway

High capacity beverage vending machine

Beverage Capacity: 350-500
10 Selections
Vends Both Bottles & Cans
LED Lights As Standard
79cm Wide
85cm Deep
183cm High
Fits Through 74cm Doorway


Frozen vending machine

Capacity: Up to 540
Up to 36 Selections
Vends Both Food & Ice Creams
LED Lights As Standard
75cm Wide
97cm Deep
183cm High
Fits Through 75cm Doorway

Reliable and trusted brands

Robinson’s Vending has spent years experimenting with different vending machines, settling on a collection which we believe are the most reliable and easiest to use – whilst looking great with their glass fronts and LCD screens. All machines have product vend sensors to ensure the product is vended correctly and rubber feet to avoid damaging the floor. We have been providing vending machines in Brisbane for over 5 years and believe our machines are by far the market best.

The machines are all market leaders in capacity and reliability. Our vending machines include a glass-front combination, glass front beverage, vertical beverage, glass front snack, glass front frozen and a coffee machine.

Our machines have our details clearly visible, a unique ID number and a warning sticker.

Preventative maintenance – have you ever noticed some machines experience constant coin and product jams? Every 3 months we service and clean the coin acceptor and the note reader resulting in very minimal malfunctions- each machine is cleaned to schedule.

Energy Comsumption- in this day and age the environment is more and more on the agenda and vending machines should use the absolute minimum energy required. Our vending machines all come with LED lights as standard which can save up to 73% of power consumed by old school fluoro lights. Some machines consume far more electricity than others and this costs your business money. All our machines have efficient refrigeration systems and an energy save mode when not in use or after hours.

Please note that coffee and frozen machines are usually supplied in addition to drink and snack machines. Please give us a call, we would love to help with your vending needs.

Vending machine technology

Technology is a fast-moving vehicle and sometimes you might wonder how to keep up with it… One minute an item is brand new the next it is replaced with an even better one, sound familiar? Vending machines have come a long way in the last 20 years. At present, the top vending machines on the market have an excellent payment and vend success rate (this is provided they are setup, tested and maintained correctly).

We have put great thought into the technology our machines use. Our machines are technologically advanced and upgradeable as the new technology rolls out. Our remote-monitoring-system provides us with an extensive range of live data which runs through 3G and 4G internet. This means we see what is selling in real time. It also shows us slower-selling lines that may need to be replaced with another product. When selling short life items such as fresh food or milk it is important to monitor the use-by dates of these products, the tracking system lets us do this accurately. The system is compatible with smart phones which are used when the machine is restocked.

Having a reliable remote-monitoring-system allows us to precisely time when the machine is restocked. It also helps us monitor our stock to ensure we have plenty on hand.
This technology also greatly assists with earning you the maximum vending machine commission possible for your site!

Accepted vending payments

We use the best coin-acceptors and note-recyclers available. Our coin acceptors accept $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1 and $2 coins and our note recyclers accept $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes as well as giving change in coins and $10 notes. Let’s say you only have a $50 note in your wallet, use it in one of our machines to buy a product worth $2 and you’ll get 4x $10 notes and $8 of coins in change – much more preferable than $48 worth of coins!

Personalised decals

Robinson’s Vending is happy to arrange personalised decals. Depending on the requirements we can have your companies branding on the machines. If this option is required a two-year minimum contract is necessary.

Healthy food vending machines

Our Healthy Product Range is expansive and ever-growing to meet the healthy vending machine market. We have an extensive range of healthy vending products- you don’t have to feel guilty any more!
Below is a sample of some of our healthy products – Have a product suggestion? We will source it for you!


We’ve got you covered, from water to low sugar soft drink. We have many healthy alternatives that will give you real energy and protein to get you through your day. The healthy movement is in full swing so we have put together an extensive list of products that are better for you. Many product suppliers have woken up and realised people want tasty products and want them to be better for you- this is why we keep an eye on new healthy products. If you site wants a mixture of healthy vending options as well a the traditional vending product we will work out a good variety of each.


All of our drinks except Sanitarium Up & Go’s are gluten free. We also have tasty food and snacks that are gluten free.

Our service and support guarantee

At Robinson’s, we believe our products should make life easier – that’s why we provide a fully serviced machine you do not need to think about. No hassles, just fresh, cold drinks and delicious food and snacks whenever you need them, 24/7! We install, stock and service healthy vending machines in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast locations. Through our sister company we can also service customers Australia wide – in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide. We strive to be the BEST operators in Brisbane by offering a premium service.