Product Range

We truly do have the most thorough product list available – and we are always introducing exciting new items – you will never be bored! Have a product suggestion? We will source it for you!

Fresh meals

Great for larger sites where employees and visitors might require a meal on-site. You’ll never eat frozen again- that is the youfoodz motto. Some of the more popular meals are Mac n Double Cheese with Steak Diane, Portuguese BBQ Chicken and Mama’s Healthy Spag Bol.  Check out the massive range of meals here-

Healthier choices and growing range

Robinson’s Vending constantly introduce new products with a focus on health. The market is changing and many new and healthier products are overlooked by our competitors. Some of our healthier options include Emma & Tom’s Life bars, Cobbs Popcorn and Tynes Coconut Water.

Fresh iced coffee

Our products include Norco Triple Shot Iced Coffee, Barista Brothers Iced Coffee and Breaka!

Full product range

For more information please download our PDF Product Range or Excel Formatted Product Range